Stealing Beauty


On January 15, the creative tandem RADICALFASHION x EZHI introduced their joint creation – the author’s video “ONDINES” to the guests at the alternative site Studio 67.


A full-range cultural-social initiative was rolled out based on the presentation under the common name “Vanishing Beauty”. All the activities, installations and flash mobs, from the original invitation cards to the holistic concept of the event, were conceived according to the idea, namely, to malign influence of mankind as a whole and each individual in particular on the environment. The same theme stranded out in the video itself.

At the very entrance, guests could hear sobbing and crying of not yet known characters on a dark staircase leading into the hall; the ship’s lantern hung as if it was a deck; sounds were heard and stage box beams lit up here and there. The organizers turned the main hall of the event into an art space. The activation areas were scattered here and there. On the wall there was a photo exhibition “Steppe” by Mikhail Leshchenko: “dead” ships standing at the bottom of artificially dehydrated sea could be seen in the artist’s canvases. The main screen broadcasted a specially prepared video projection “Cataclysms” by art group “An angelico”. The guests could get cozy on sofas, sipping cocktails from the bar-partner of the event STIRLITZ SPY BAR, or drinking original tea made by TeaPigs. And, of course, the surprises were there. The first one was a flash mob dedicated to cleaning the “ocean” off the debris. It should be noted that despite their high status, the guests did not shun and cleared the “ocean” in just a few minutes. The highlight of the project was the military style show “No WAR”, in which several famous designers and stylists took part together: fashion store dress-room ARTIST, SCHET:KO, SCAPEGOAT_404, Olga Kardash. Designer Natalia Liakhovets created a dress especially for the project. Brand RADICALFASHION even debuted in that capacity. And female stylists of studio “Tori Lozovaya” completed the images with characteristic hairstyles. Models paced along the improvised podium to the delight of the audience.

The anchor of the event was the inimitable Tamara Lisitskaya. The musical content was the responsibility of EZHI, co-author of the music track and video to it. He was joined by an electronic musician DEECH. One of the key events of the evening was the performance of RADICALFASHION with the production, which was filmed as “ONDINES.”

One of the highlights of the evening was “Liberation of Ondine” – a quest project by “PodZamkom”, performed by the actress of Dance Theater “Skvo’s dance company”. The main event of the evening – presentation of video RADICALFASHION x EZHI “ONDINES”, predictably caused a true furor. All the people’s attention was compelled on the big screen. Nobody remained indifferent. The hall was absolutely silent. At the end of the video there was a storm of applause, and many guests did not break up for a long time, sharing their experiences with each other.

And in the end, the authors disclosed all the tidbits and backstage of filming, and showed how the video was prepared, who worked at it, and how much effort it took to create a high-quality and worth-watching video “ONDINES.”

It is safe to say that the project succeeded. Hopefully, such projects will be moved on in our country, and it will draw people’s attention to the issue of sustainable consumption of natural resources. It depends on each of us!