RADICALFASHION is the most high skilled dance artist group of CIS and Europe. They can be seen on large and prestigious events all over the world. Their performances are not only the decoration, but they also create the rhythm of the parties. The project possibilities are boundless, each time this group surprises with new images and characters, which are well thought-out and weighed. Their work is imbued with already recognized stylistics – it’s new, daring and professional. In a word, it’s radical.

The project was founded in October 2008. For this period, it has acquired the love of audience and wide recognition abroad. The group performed on one stage with world DJs (Inna Hot, Laurent Wolf, James Zabiella and many more). It worked closely with “Ottawan” (USA), Vera Brezhneva, Band’eros, Morandi and other stars of Russian and worldwide stage.

The year 2011 has laid the foundation to new experiments in related art forms (vocal and musical instruments: tom-toms).

In 2012 the project presented a new show DJ Performance feat. DJ Vogue.

The year 2014 was marked with the creation of custom music for dance program. Together with musician EZHI the project presented the music video “Ondines” which brought up environmental concern. Its presentation became a big culture event. The project often tours in CIS and non-CIS countries and is widely called for in the sphere of show business, festivals and on enterprise markets of countries of Europe, Asia and America.

The project consists of 4 girls. Each of girls has her own unique individuality representing a creative part of uncommon group. Powerful energetic and expression engross attention during all performance. From the beginning of the project existence, it’s been famous for peculiar approach of solving creative tasks. Extravagance, elegance and scrupulous work on the details are the distinctive characteristics of the project.

Over the whole period of RADICALFASHION existence, it has received different prizes and awards, such as:

The Best Dance Project of Belarus 2009 (“Night Club Awards”)

The Most Stylish Show Project of Belarus 2010 (International Festival of Stylists “Wind Rose”)

The Best Dance Project of Belarus 2011 (Event-award “Red Carrots”)

The Most Stylish Show Project 2011 (“Mill of Fashion”, contest “Master of Style”)

The Best Dance Project of Belarus 2011 (Award TOP-Fresh, BelMuzTV)

The Best Dance Project of Belarus 2013 (Vklube, TV Industry Award)

The Most Stylish Show Project of Belarus 2013 (Vklube, TV Intelligent people Award)

The Best Dance Project of Belarus 2014 (Vklube.TV Industry Award)

33 Most Beautiful Girls of Minsk (magazine ICON)

The Best Dance Project of Belarus 2015 (Vklube.TV Industry Award)

RADICALFASHION is not just a dance project, but it’s a creative family with its own views, tastes and thinking. Each work is an original view regarding one or another problem.











Tatiana (Director)